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PT70SS Plus Diesel Heater


  • Low operating noise
  • Good fuel economy
  • Ideal for home garages & workshops

The PT70SS Plus Diesel Heater is a quiet alternative to what has been the more traditional Fan Forced Diesel space heaters.

The machine has a very gentle and quiet fan. Consequently, the fan  operates to disperse the heat on the front face of the unit. With fuel consumption of only 1.9 l/h, the 15 litre fuel tank gives a run time of approximately 7 hours. In addition, this is now further assisted by a Thermostat control.

PT125SS Radiant Space Diesel Heater


  • Low operating noise
  • Good fuel economy
  • Ideal for large workshops & warehouses

The PT125SS Radiant Space Diesel Heater produces 125,000 BTU or 37KW of heat. The diesel heater has a 56 litre fuel tank allowing the unit a runtime of around 17 hours. Additionally, kerosene is an alternative fuel which can be used on this heater.

This radiant diesel heater also offers a gentle fan forced airflow. Consequently, this  is a very low noise alternative to the high noise fan forced heating process.

A thermostat control with a digital ambient air temperature display allows for precise control over the heat generated for this unit. The heater weighs 38kgs while empty, but with a full tank a fuel can be quite cumbersome.

While this unit has wheels for portability, it is generally a “leave in one place” type heater.

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More About Our Diesel Heaters


Space heaters, or radiant heaters, produce radiant heat and are a lot quieter than the forced air models.  This is done by heating a large round plate at the front of the machine with a burner.  A small fan behind the plate then blows the radiant heat outwards.  These types of heaters generally heat a slightly larger area than the equivalent fan forced models.  They also can hold more fuel, and are also slightly more fuel efficient, therefore increasing the overall operating time.  These types of heaters would be classed more as Warehouse Heaters than the other models because they are quiet.  In saying that, fan forced can still heat a similar sized area.

Forced air heaters are a different style of diesel heater.  The units are a tubular or torpedo style unit, with the fuel tank attached to the bottom of it.  A burner is situated at the back of the unit, in front of a fan.

This burner produces a lot of heat when ignited.  The “forced air” side of things come from the fan behind the burner which blows the heat through the tube and out towards the front cone.

This style of heating is more of a direct heat rather than the radiant heat mentioned above.  The more powerful fan and burner used in these models is what creates the noise. While all units we sell are classed as an Industrial Heater, both types of heaters can be used in similar ways.  They can be used as a workshop heater, shed heater, warehouse heater or a factory heater as well.  The main difference between the styles is the noise factor.

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