Stern’s Pools

Dive straight on in and discover what makes our Sterns Pool’s so popular. Be it the quality, our range of modular designs, or the ease of installation, we’ll have you enjoying the cool blue water in no time at all.

Above Ground Pools

These pools sit at ground level and are often the most affordable to install, because they require little more than a flat space to sit on. Apart from being quick to install,their beauty is in their portability - if you move home, they can move with you!

Semi-inground Pools

These pools are partially buried within the ground and offer the flexibility of being installed where the ground is uneven. Decking is often integrated into the design of these pools which can give the effect of a fully lowered inground pool without the cost of a full excavation

Inground Pools

These pools are fully sunken into the ground requiring complete excavation. Although more expensive than the above two, these can be decked and landscaped to achieve the look and feel of the most expensive concrete or fibreglass pools but at a fraction of the cost.


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